Our story begins back in 1918.

For four generations the Zerilli family has been passionately dedicated to the cultivation of the vine. Respect for nature, dedication to work, attention to detail: these are the elements that have allowed the Zerilli family to continue to be the spokesman of the vocation of these lands for wine, throughout the twentieth century and beyond.

It was 1918: the First World War had just ended. Vito Zerilli had fought on the Piave but now he could return home, in his Petrosino, and resume the family business: the cultivation of the vine that, in this territory kissed by the sun and lapped by the sea, has always found the best conditions to express itself . Among the grape varieties preferred by Vito Zerilli were the typical varieties of western Sicily such as Catarratto and Grillo. Vito called him "Il grillo del Cavaliere". It was his wine, the most loved one, made as tradition wanted, in a genuine way, with little production per plant and a lot of attention to quality. Since then everything was handled with care, worked by hand with the sole help of the mule "Gina".

Vito's tenacity was rewarded and, slowly, he succeeded in enlarging the company by planting new vineyards. The whole family was actively involved in the management of the company so that when, in 1939, Vito had to leave for the war, it was his wife and son Nene who continued the company until his return.

In 1960 Zerilli started a process of innovation that leads to mechanization both in the vineyard and in the cellar. In 1980 the son of Nene, Vito Zerilli, entered the family business. The young man, who bears the name of his grandfather, immediately becomes passionate about the wine world and still today follows all the stages of production. From the marriage between Vito and the beautiful young Mariangela, also a descendant of a family of winemakers from Petrosino, Leonardo is born, today the pivot of the company.

Thanks to this union, the activity also widens. The Baglio Woodhouse farmhouse becomes a place of great ferment where the aromas and colors of the Sicilian territory are transformed into intense and aromatic wines.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s the company continued its growth process reaching the current 9 hectares where the classic vines of the territory of Petrosino grow, such as Grillo, Catarratto, Nero d'Avola but also international vines such as Petit Verdot and the Pinot Grigio.

2014 is the year of the turning point. Thanks to the stubbornness and the energy of the young Leonardo, the company begins a new adventure: the first bottles of the brand "Terre del Sole Zerilli" are born.

The name of the company expresses the desire to tell the territory and put into its wines all the characteristics of their places of origin, traditionally suited to viticulture.

Slowly the dream takes shape and, year after year, Terre del Sole Zerilli establishes itself as a young and dynamic brand projected towards a sustainable vision of the farm.

In fact, since 2016 Terre del Sole Zerilli produces organic wines respecting the territory in which it is located and the health of consumers.

Attention to quality has been rewarded both by experts in the sector, in various wine competitions, and by the general public, so much so as to encourage the Zerilli family to constantly expand its production line.

In 2017 came Inzolia and Zibibbo.

The vineyards of the Zerilli family are all located between Petrosino and Marsala, in one of the most vitiated areas of Europe. Some are positioned a few hundred meters from the coast. The sun that accompanies the development of plants for many months a year and the proximity of the sea have allowed the production of wines with well recognizable characteristics and aromas.

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