"Wine is bottled


|Robert Louis Stevenson

A story made of passion, effort and satisfaction.

For four generations the Zerilli family has been passionately dedicated to the cultivation of the vine. Respect for nature, dedication to work, attention to detail: these are the elements that have allowed the Zerilli family to continue to be the spokesman of the vocation of these lands for wine, throughout the twentieth century and beyond.


The year was 1918: The First World War had just ended. Vito Zerilli had fought on the Piave but now he could return home, in his Petrosino, and resume the family business: the cultivation of the vine.


In 1980 his son Vito entered in the family business. The young man, who bears grandfather's name, immediately becomes passionate about the wine world and even today follows all the stages of production.


2014 is the year of the turning point. Thanks to the stubbornness and the energy of the young Leonardo, the company begins a new adventure: the first bottles of the brand "Terre del Sole Zerilli" are born.

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"Sicily in the Glass" Wine Tourism

It is a space designed to approach the world of wine, agriculture and enology in a new way, focusing on direct contact with the places from which wine originates. "Sicily in the glass" is in fact in Petrosino, within the vineyards of the Zerilli family and aims to be a meeting place able to enhance both the territory of Petrosino, characterized by its viticulture, and the final product in the bottle. Here, consumers can come and taste the wines by closely observing the vineyards and their changing during the course of the year. "We also want it to be a space open to meeting and confrontation that we are ready to make available for initiatives to promote the territory".


Our wines


This gold medal, issued by the twelfth edition of the "Feminalise" world competition held in Paris, rewards the sweet Zibibbo and the attention to quality and typical products of the territory of Petrosino that the company carries on.

On the proposal of the Grand Prix Paris Saint Germain de Pres Committee, the company was awarded by the new Italian consul in Paris, Dr. ssa Emilia Gatto, for the production of quality wines.

The company was awarded to the kermesse held at the Maison Sensì in Brussels by the Consul Dr. ssa Emilia Coviello and the president of the Euromediterranean Academy as Sicilian excellence, for the production of Grillo and Nero d'Avola.

The company "Terre del Sole" wins the Silver Medal at the 9th edition of the "Feminalise" wine world competition in Baune in France. The Feminalise World Competition is a strong concept: wines from all over the world are tasted only by professional women in the oenological field or expert oenophiles.

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